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Terms and Considerations

The following rules form an agreement between LAE GAMING and its customers. By registering with LAE GAMING, you fully agree and accept these rules.

1.Upon registering an account with LAE GAMING, customers who partake in its games are confined to all of these terms and conditions. Customers are encouraged to read it through thoroughly before participating and only participate in games that they fully understand.

2.All participants have to be at least 18 years of age in order for bets to be placed. LAE GAMING has the rights to ask clients for proof. Failure to provide valid documentation with lead to a suspended account.

3.It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their username and security details remain confidential. In the event that a customer suspects this may no longer be the case, they should notify us immediately. Any transactions carried out under the username will be the customer's responsibility.

4.Customers are responsible to ensure that all details such as username and password are to be kept confidential. LAE GAMING will not be held responsible for the customers password. Any transactions, in game or financial under the username will be the customer's responsibility.

5.Customers are not able to withdraw, cancel or alter a bet once a bet has been entered and confirmed.

6.LAE GAMING has the authority to void any or all bets that have been entered by a customer or a group of customers in an attempt to cheat/defraud the company. If there is sufficient amount of evidence, LAE GAMING can and will void and suspend the respective account/accounts.

7.LAE GAMING reserves the right to be able to suspend or permanently close any accounts at any time in the event that fraudulent bets have been placed to maximise pay-outs on the games. If found guilty, customers winnings and also principle will be held back by LAE GAMING.

8.To sustain a high level of security to safeguard your funds, random security checks will be held. Besides that, as a customer of LAE GAMING, you are aware that we will request for additional documentation for verification purposes.

9.If personal account details or financial information related to your account is incorrect, you are to inform us instantly. Failure to do so would cause some transactions to be declined by your respective banks. LAE GAMING will not be held responsible for losses from transactions made due to incorrect information provided to our customer service.

10.The terms and conditions are only written in English. Therefore, any misunderstandings made during translations of this terms is not the responsibility of LAE GAMING. In the case of dispute, only the English version will be valid.

11.LAE GAMING does not allow customers to create more than one account in any one currency. Any customers found to have created duplicated accounts will have their accounts suspended.

12.Customers accounts registered in the form of intended manipulation might result in suspension of an account. LAE GAMING has the privilege to pull back all winnings in the players account and also the account can be permanently terminated.

13.Each and every bonus and promotion are subjected to its own terms. The player agrees and understand the terms applicable to each bonus they've requested. LAE GAMING reserves the right to repeal any bonus or promotion any time.

14.Prior to discharging or approving any withdrawal, LAE GAMING has the right to demand from customers to provide proof of identity such as Identification Card, copy of debit/credit card, Passport, Driving License or any other documentation to LAE GAMING . If you fail to comply and or cooperate with the security procedures, LAE GAMING has the right to terminate the account and void all winnings and also the principle amount.

15.The above Terms and Conditions plays an essential role in ensuring the safety of customers while enjoying the games.

16.These terms and conditions are valid over any communication may it be email, chat or even by calls.

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